The Missing Orange Clutch

A while back I bought an orange clutch made by Sondra Roberts which I can&#0

39;t find it online any more since they are sold out of them. So I have to replace it with the expensive Marc Jacobs in here. I will show you the orange one I got during one of the look of the day. However I love the combination orange and cobalt blue. You can top this dress with a tailor short black blazer to go to work then take it off at night at a bar.


Dressing up a Black Dress

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“707” />I love to do mix and match shopping. Online mix and match shopping takes time. I thought I would help you out by showing you what's in store at an affordable price. This is a simple black  versatile dress with a twist which is the cape on the side. It allows you to dress up for work or for an special occasion. In this Case I pair it with black bumps and gold accessories. Great to take it to work and carry it into the evening for dinner appointment.