Personal Story: How I lost 10 pounds

I was never a small/skinny child. Always been chubby, fluffy, meaty and plum. It was bearable in elementary because I was tall. Through time, instead of growing “up.” I grew wider and wider. I can’t really blame anyone but myself. Mom’s Chinese dishes with rice was too good to resist. Eating 3 bowls of rice during dinner was normal to me. The excuse was always, “I was growing.”  Whenever I go to other people’s houses I never understood why their bowls were so much smaller than the ones at my house. When my friends come over, they never understood why all the dishes at my house look like it’s made for giants.

My lowest grade was always Gym (I would get A’s in everything and barely passed Gym). I had to hire a tutor to teach me how to shoot basketball. If I didn’t make the basket 5 times, my gym teacher wouldn’t pass me.  Worst part was I really did try. Exercise, sports and running was just something I do not even think about. As soon as I can drop gym. It was dropped

So far Overeating, never exercise and poor diet was working for me. I never felt the need to change my lifestyle.

Until ….

2012 summer, I was 21. I got sick with many infections and syndromes. It was all a result of my many years’ poor lifestyle. Then I came cross a TED Talk:

By Dr. Terry Wahls – Minding Your Mitochondria

It inspired me that it was time to change my lifestyle not to be skinny, but to be healthy.
Now my diet consist of:
Breakfast – Protein Shake
Lunch – Avocado, baby carrots, banana & orange
Dinner – 1 plate of boiled veggies, 1 box of boiled mushrooms, somesort of seafood, soup, tofu, baked chicken breast (Not nessesssary eating all of them, but they are low in fat that I can eat as much as I want)
1 HOUR Work out
and then protein shake before bed

This worked for me and I am not sure if it will work for anyone else. My work out have been heavy cardio-based see

Some tips I found useful when changing my lifestyle are:

  1. Have 1 Cheat Day in a week – restaurant food, something that is not in our plan
  2. Take a picture with your phone everyday and commit to someone else like a close friend that you will send a picture to them everyday. This commitment makes you more motivated and seeing pictures let you see the results
  3. Document everything you eat by taking a picture of it. See eatery app.
  4. Get proper sleep
  5. Drink lots of water – always have water with you – sometimes you are thirsty instead of hungry
  6. Always have baby carrots to chew on – it satisfy cravings
  7. If you are like me who buys food randomly – Tim Hortons – Then don’t bring your debit card or credit card or cash out where you will be tempted to buy food
  8. Find pictures online that will motivate you
  9. Set up a routine – a time frame put aside where you can get your work out done
  10. The hardest part is commitment and starting your changes

I hope this has motivated some of you out there and if you have any questions, comment below. I would love to help.