Valentine’s Day


I always thought Valentine’s day is just another day for retailers to sell chocolates. After New Years and Christmas the left over chocolates toss into a heart shape box before wrapping them up into colourful egg shapes for Easter. I do not recall ever having a good Valentine’s day. It is a day full of high expectations if you are in a relationship and a day of depression if you are single. One expects one’s partner to gives some sort of red and white gift or something cute (teddy bear, chocolates or roses… etc) Take one on a romantic date and put up afterwards. If you are married, you expect that your spouse do something nice or be nice. If you are single, you wish you can have a date or you will just stay home and get annoyed at all the Valentine’s day commercials – especially those diamond ones.

Then, there’s those of us that work on Valentine’s day which is not so bad. People seem to act nicer on this day towards people who are working.

Or you see those PDA (public display affections) couples while walking and you wish they would get a room or that you could join them (if they are hot) because deep inside you wonder when you will ever get married (or laid), so your parents will stop embarrassing you in front of the nice cashiers at grocery store.

Then few minutes later, you see a guy who is trying so hard to get “some” tonight. He is going into the subway with a giant bouquet wrapped in fancy papers that is blocking his vision. Carrying a heart shape chocolate box with a helium balloon hitting everything in its path. I can’t help but think how embarrassing and ridiculous he looks. Especially if he is taking a girl on a date then he is going to have to carry those gifts for her for the rest of the evening and I wish that balloon pops and he fall down the stairs because he can’t see through that giant bouquet. (Yes. I am just jealous. Whoever that girl is must be very lucky or very amazing to have boys do something like this for her.)

However, I give props to these brave men who conquer all odds on Valentine’s day to bring gifts to their woman.

I will end this post by sharing some funny Valentine’s day tweets:

funny vday tweets

funny vday tweets2