The Little Black Dress

This was a collaboration project directed by Festina and Tara Conrad. Make-up by Émilie Coquelin. Models were Festina, Naima and Tyanna.

The project was called “The Little Black Dress” promoting black talents in the fashion industry.

I went to Humber Collage and contacted the program heads by email in the fashion and cosmetic program. In the email I said that I am a 4th year photography student and I would like to meet students who are interested in building their portfolios with me.

I got a couple of replies and I contacted these people meet them at school and talk about the project. I contacted the Emilie by email. Only meet her on the day of the project, however, I gave her a brief of what is going to happen and pictures of the concept we were going for.

On a Sunday morning, we arrived at school at 9:30am. Emilie started on the make up and I start to set up the equipments at 10am.

I used 3 lights. Since I knew it was going to be three models. I needed 3 lights to make sure no one was in the shadow. I had one light pointed up using 1200 welts with a large soft box. Then I had the other two lights at 800 welts with large grids.

I had 3 cameras with me. I shoot the group shoots in the Hasselblad on a tripod because I know when I crop into it the quality will stay. I have a Nikon D9000 with a 105mm micro lens for the close-up beauty shoots. And my Nikon D7000 with a 18 to 55 mm lens to shoot the editorials, because I know there is more movements involved.

We started shooting at 11am and finish at 2pm. It took longer because of wardrobe changes. It was like two sessions in one with 2 wardrobe changes.