What's In for Fall 2011?

With fall just around the corner, it's time to put away your flip-flops. Designers have come up with some exciting fall collections and trends.

Here are the following trends for Fall 2011:

 Long and Lean with Belt Finish

The purpose of accompanying long and lean tops and pants with a thin belt finish is to break up the body, which makes the top appear longer and also gives the bottom a slimmer look.

left: Anna Sui - Caroline Trentini right: Anna Sui - Fei Fei Sun

2D Flower Prints

Something about feminine flower prints just never go out of style. This fall, the flowers are becoming 2D paper cut outs, looking like it's been pressed flat onto the garment. It has an airy chic feel. If you don't want to be a walking flower pot, a bit of 2D flower print is enough.

2D Flower Print
left: Givency - Mariacarla Boscono center: Jason Wu - Dorothea Barth Jorgensen right: Givency - Karen Elson

Navy, the New Base Colour Splashed Neon Colours for Accent

For the past years, we have been using black as the base colour to go with everything. Well, now it's navy's turn. Navy has been used as black's substitute in evening wears for those who do not want to wear black to a wedding. Navy suit those with fair complexion whereas black is too strong for them. The neon yellow contrasts with navy, creating a look with a strong statement.

Anna Sui – Jac

Fur Fur Everywhere and Anywhere

Fur can only be a coat, right? Wrong. Furs are now everywhere. Belts, hoods, skirts, scarves, collars, it doesn't matter. Fur can be any colour as well. This fun add-on can keep you warm through the season and will dress up any garment and benefit you greatly by making you an eye-turning fashionista in an instant.

left: Alexander McQueen - Fei Fei Sun center: Christian and Dior - Karmen Pedaru right: Prada - Marike Le Roux

 Off the Shoulder with Bling

Off the shoulder style is back! Although it's mostly seen in dresses. However, on one shoulder, it often has gems, jewels or buttons as detail. This style makes the neck appear longer and the hip appear smaller. In addition, the revealing shoulder draws attention away from the hip.

 Winter Whites

White is often seen in summer but rarely seen in fall or winter. This season, white has managed to make its way into the fall trend. Snow is white so I suppose we are also able to wear white for winter.

McQueen - Maddie Kulicka

Futuristic Metallic

The silver is in. A mysterious and cool feel to these metallic garments. Floweriness is added to both of these designs in order to play with the contrast as silver is usually solid. Now, it has allowed the body to become soft and flowy.

left:Alexander Wong - Daphne Groeneveld right: Armani - CoCo Rocha

Release the Animal Within You

Animal prints are definitely in season, especially leopard print. Get ready to release the wild animal inside you.

Chloe – Jac

Grey – Another Big Player

We are starting to see a mixture of grey with black or a lighter shade of black mixed with grey. They are all in the same family but playing with the black shade scale is so much fun.

left:Chanel - Samantha Gradoville right:Chanel - Karmen Pedaru

Patch Work

Different colour blocks patched together has the ability to put different colours together even though it's not easy. Experiment with bold fall colours to add some liveliness for the season.

Chloe - Zuzanna Bijoch


Not surgery, not bags, but tops and skirts – all plastic. The futurist plastic material is now seen on tops and skirt. It's good for fall since the weather will still be quite warm. It gives such a dressy look and it makes you stand out from the crowd of course.

Louis Vutton - Danielle Zinaich

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Which trend would you love to rock?