Different Types of Denim Jacket

denim-jacket-detail-14047755In 1880,  Levi’s founder Levi Strauss created the first denim jacket. Back then, denim jackets were simple, often with a boxy masculine silhouette. Now denim jackets have become a very trendy stable worn by almost everyone I know and even celebrities.

I am here to break down the different types of denim jackets and how to wear them.

I call this type of denim jacket fancy because you can wear it to a wedding if you wanted to (No I’m not kidding… you will see brides rocking denim jacket over white puffy dresses) The fancy denim jacket are often embellished with gems and sequins. A darker denim or white denim will elevate your fancy look. Opt for a short and tailored denim jacket to be worn over fancy dresses which won’t cover up the dress too much.

Try mix medium denim jacket such as denim jacket with leather sleeves; studded denim jacket or mix patch denim jacket.



Over-sized Denim Jacket
Over sized denim jacket have recently become very popular. This jacket creates an edgy and bad-ass look that will keep you comfy and stylish. Try styling it with leather leggings or distressed denim. Grab a toque and you look like you are not even trying, but so chic.


Denim Bomber Jacket
Bomber jacket has made a come-back recently. It is a short jacket similar to a flight jacket, but with a thick lining typically of sheepskin. However, designers have been experimenting using different materials to make the bomber jacket and that includes denim. The union of denim and bomber jacket created this adorable number. It is light and versatile, great for the Spring and Summer season.

I hope this this helps you out. And will encourage you the explore the world of denim jacket. It is such a stable and can be worn with anything.



PS. these images are all from Google. I do not own the rights to these images.

2015 Spring Trends

Spring is here! After the long gloomy winter, it is so nice to feel the warmth of the sun. Seeing the sun inspires me to create and change. I always use the beginning of Spring and the end of summer to reinvent  my wardrobe. The thought of no longer having to put on a heavy coat or two layers of bottoms to go out is so exciting. I will box all my winter clothes and hang all my spring/summer clothes. Even though Spring brings relief from the bitter winter, it also brings the dramatic fluctuation of temperature. The unstable temperature makes styling outfits harder. I have compose a list of spring trends and tips on how to combat Spring.

Casual Fringe – Fringe trend is not new. You often see it in Boho style or in Western cow boy styles. However they have a more casual touch this spring. Often found on tank tops and accessories this year. (see fringe post for more details)



Sexy Shoulder – Time to hit the gym and work on those shoulder muscles. This spring is all about showing off the shoulders. From open shoulder tops to shoulder cut-outs, everyone will be showing some shoulder skins (see Showing Off the Shoulders post for more details on how to make this look more practical)


Crop Top – Since Miley Cyrus brought back crop top in 2012 and 2013. It just stayed. The crop top trend continues to dominate the fashion industry. However this Spring 2015 crop tops are made looser with a boxier fit. So anyone can rock the crop top look (See crop top post for more details).



Floral Print: Surprise! Floral print again for Spring trend. This time the floral is more bold with special colours. What can be more spring than floral print (see Floral Print post for more details)