Winter Fashion 2012

You know it is getting cold in Toronto when you see all the empty tree branches. Winter of 2012 is here. This year’s fashion trends consist of:

– Bright Neon: those futuristic bright neon green, yellow and pink are making a statement in accessories, skirts and tops.

H&M Bag $ 29.95

-Wild animals: I don’t think animal prints ever go away. This year’s animals are going all out from fur vests to snake skin purse and leopard print cardigans.


-Dark ruby red: one of favourite colour is making a comeback.

– Over waist belt with lots of details

-Showing off waist and hips dress

– Leather pants and skirts. Particular baggy leather pants, but not everyone can rock that

– Over baggy coat

– 70s prints

– Something cowboy inspired

– Big knit sweater

– If all else fails just wear something shinny

Cawthra Pre-Prom 2012

June 26, 2012
Had so much doing a pre-prom shoot with 12 amazing people.
The night before I had it planned. Drawing out everyone’s poses.
From individual shoots to group shoots. In two hours I was able to get what I wanted and more, thanks to the

nice weather.

For the individuals I knew I wanted a close up, a full body, 3/4 and a horizontal. This is to ensure that I can make collages later on.
For the group shoots I knew I wanted a fun one. I made mustache out of BBQ sticks and black foam papers from the dollar stores.
All the girls with their shoes. All the girls in a line… so on.

I try to photograph in the shade as suppose to direct sunlight so the highlights are not as harsh.

Yee Hong Walk

On a beautiful Saturday, went to Yee Hong community wellness foundation for a walk event. I photographed for couple of hours. Got to work with my camera in a low light setting. Very crowded and hot. Both indoor and outdoor. Along with approaching peo

ple constantly who do not understand what I am saying. Pointing at the camera and faces and smiling a lot gets the message across.
Meet an amazing elderly lady. She did a very beautiful water colour painting and wanted to be photograph with it. The event was very positive but at the same time. I saw a lot of elderly people who were very lonely. All the staffs were trying their best to entertain the elderly people. It was a great experience.

At one point I had to ask for help to gather people around for group shoots and stand on a table just to get everyone into the photograph. I took more than one group shoots just so I can photoshop people’s faces in, in case they blinked. It is almost impossible to get everyone’s eyes open when you are trying to photograph more than 20 people.

I was lucky the majority of the ceiling was white so I got to bounce my flash off the ceiling. I was still shooting at ISO 400-800 because some parts were dark high ceilings. I couldn’t really a direct flash because the flash would have been too harsh.

Once we were outside for the walk it became easier to photograph. The weather was great. Cloudy sky acted like a beautiful soft box. Shadows fall off nicely.

Here are some of the shoots I have taken.

Spring 2012 Outfit

Here is a light colour coordinated spring look. The sheer blouse is very in. As well as the soft colours. I like mixing soft colours with the electric colours.

Pink sheer top from smart set – $25

H and M mint trouser – $14.95

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Forever 21 Chain Strap Crossbody yellow bag – $31.80

American Apparel tube top – $7

Aldo  LENORD heels – $150