Introduction to FiFi's Fashion Blog

Greetings Fashion Frontiers,

Every morning I spend an hour or more in front of the mirror, wondering what I should wear for the day. Perhaps the solution is just to have more clothes because enough is just never enough. I constantly drool at all the amazing photo shoots of gorgeous clothing that I can never seem to afford. If you are like me, then you have certainly come to the right place.

My goal is to use this blog to explore the unlimited boundaries of fashion. Inevitably, this will allow you to keep up with the latest trends, as well as keep you aware on how to get the high-end fashion looks with cheap prices.

Here are the major focuses of this blog:

What's In? – The newest fashion trend.

Daily Inspiration – The usage of inspiring photos of random scenery of daily life, dec

orated with matching clothes and beauty items with it.

How to Dress – A guide on how to wear the newest trends

Green Fashion – How to reinvent old clothing and make it fashionable so you are able to wear it again.

Pick of the Week – A good buy that I think everyone should have or just something cool that I'd like to share with you.

Fashion Tips – Miscellaneous useful fashion tips that everyone can use… such as how to organize your closets or even how to stretch a cotton shirt! In other words, these are just just some DIY fashion tips or announcements of sales in various stores.

I will try to update this blog as often as possible. I hope you will enjoy venturing the fashion world as much as I do.

Explore the unlimited possibilities, fashion frontiers!


How to Organize Photos into Folders

This video shows you how to organize your photos into folders. This method allows you to always be able to find your

photos or images easily later on. For all those people who use Lightroom this is a great way to organize your photos directory and it is also easier to create backup.

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New Year New Diet

I was watching a TED talks and one of the lady had a disease where it took away her ability to walk. She did research on the disease itself and realize healthy food can help the brain to function properly. She called this the “hunter” diet.
I am going to follow this for a year and document my result. I just had my first meal and already I feel more awake and I have been suffering from IBS so this hopefully will improve the health of my bowls.



The diet consists of the following per day:

3 cups of greens: kale, leafs, parsley and any vegetables that are super green

3 cups of sulfur rich food: mushrooms,onions,purple cabbage and cauliflower

3 cups of colours:
Any fruits with bright colours, oranges, berries, cherry and carrots

Wild fish: salmon or any fish with omega3

Grass feed meat or animal organs such as livers, tongue

Once a week include seaweed