From earth to table bread bar

There is a restaurant located downtown Hamilton on Locke street called “from earth to table bread bar. “


From its chic decor to the smell of warm bread, the atmosphere is just lovely.


They offer salad, pizza, sandwich and soup, taco and desert. Price is reasonable, roughly $30 to $40 for two people.

I ordered the chicken club sandwich with soup of the day and mushroom pizza. The ingredients were fresh and food was tasty.


I give it 4.5 star. Definitely worth the try.


T and T Grocery Store


Seems like an odd topic, but I have mentioned T and T to a couple of people outside of Toronto and they always ask what it is. Here I am writing about it.


T and T is not your average grocery store. It was first open by a Taiwanese owner. The store targeted the large rich Asian population in Toronto. Rich because there are other Chinese supermarket, but T and T always have higher price tag.


My family still rather go there because it doesn’t smell bad and it’s very clean. They rather pay the higher price.

T and T is now own by Lablow and it has open many stores across the GTA.

Things they sell are asian products, Japanese candy,  chinese soft drinks and Korean instant noodles.


They make their own fresh food to that you can have your dinner there before beginning your grocery shopping.

When late at night around 8pm they will have their sushi sale and they pack the assorted Asian breads into 6/bag and sell them for 4 dollars ish per bag. These are great for breakfast and lunch.

Another great thing about T and T is that it opens late usually open until 11pm and friday and Saturday until midnight.

I think every city should have a T and T. After all it is an alternative grocery store.

Buffalo Trip

There is a place once you cross the Niagara Boarder they hold goods for Canadians who doesn’t want to pay extra shipping to bring goods from states to Canada. They are willing to drive across boarder to pick the goods up. Needed a business that holds

these goods for them. A States address to use.

To avoid paying for duty fee. We cross the boarder and stay for couple of nights.

We discovered the best place to eat in Buffalo: Cheese Cake Factory during lunch time. You eat first then you walk around the mall.

The pasta was better than my sandwich.

For the night life? … Maybe we are not that experienced, but every time we were there, the clubs were empty. Good venues thou. Always a place to sit, unlike Toronto Clubs. We found Buffalo people were not fans of dancing. They enjoy the bar scene more or something called wine bar.