Paris Key Chain

Testing out a new camera at school called the Hasselblad. It makes the photos really high quality. I did find I can drop in very small and all the details are still there. Decide to do a series of studio photos of a Paris Key Chain with fall themes. I went to grab leaves outside. Lay them on top of a black box. I use only 1 light with cones to soften the light. This is how it turned out.

Athletic Shoot with Jovana

Thursday, September 28th, 2012. I had the opportunity to do a athletic photo shoot with Jovana Mitrovic. She is starting her own business as a personal athletic trainer. Her fitness story is very inspiring. She is full of life and a great person to be around with. She has a very good heart and will always go the extra miles for her friends. The photo shoot was a lot of fun. Thanks to Tara (a stylist) and Bushra for joining us. The concept of the shoot was to make it bright and commercial.

Her Mission:
To inspire and guide men and women that are truly looking to change their lives. It starts with a thought and manifests into the possible. I believe in dreams coming true but it really comes down to how BAD you WANT it!! Come to my page for inspirations, positive feed back and help of any kind 🙂

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Collaboration with 3rd Year Journalism Students

I am in my fourth year university studying media studies with an area of emphasis on photography. The 3rd year journalism students are writing an article for the school paper – Radix. I have the chance to publish a photograph that will go with the st

ory of new students from out of town find using the TTC overwhelming and confusing. They do not find the school helpful when it comes to getting around the city.

Here are the 3 images. Let me know which one you like best.

Cawthra Pre-Prom 2012

June 26, 2012
Had so much doing a pre-prom shoot with 12 amazing people.
The night before I had it planned. Drawing out everyone’s poses.
From individual shoots to group shoots. In two hours I was able to get what I wanted and more, thanks to the

nice weather.

For the individuals I knew I wanted a close up, a full body, 3/4 and a horizontal. This is to ensure that I can make collages later on.
For the group shoots I knew I wanted a fun one. I made mustache out of BBQ sticks and black foam papers from the dollar stores.
All the girls with their shoes. All the girls in a line… so on.

I try to photograph in the shade as suppose to direct sunlight so the highlights are not as harsh.

Anime North 2012

I manage to convince my sister and a friend to come with me this year to Anime North. My sister's highlight was seeing all the League of Legend characters come to life. She is on a killing spread as we speak.

Taking pictures of people at Anime North is super fun. Many travel a great distance to be in Toronto and I feel that the most I can do is take pictures for them to show off their dedications. Since they create art with their DIY costume building skills. I can create art with my camera.

All the photos were taken with a basic portrait lens (18-55mm), Camera body – Niko

n D7000 and shoot at around ISO 200 Speed 1/200 and f 11-16. Sunny 16 – a basic understanding when it's noon and bright outside do ISO 200 at 1/200 and f16 to get “perfect” exposure. Of course I find my Nikon sensor always a bit darker so I always open it up by a stop.

These are all edited by a mix of Photoshop and Light room.
I will blog more about my editing process when I have time later.

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My First Photo Booth Experience with ZAIDEN

Amazing how much you can pack into car. On May 19th, 2012 I arrive at ZAIDEN’S studio, together with fun props, lights and cameras into the car. We Arrive at the Wedding Hall 5pm.

It was my first time touching all of his lights and equipments. I kept praying in my head, please Ivy don’t break anything. The equipments were similar to the school equipments. Make sure the speed lights go into the stand properly and screwed on tight. Remove the light cover last and replace with the head. Had to pinch the top and the clips to go inwards and out to hold the cover. I had difficulty with putting on the lights at first since it was a little different.

I love how ZAIDEN keeps all of his lights in bags and cords organized neatly. It was easy for me to find everything and set them up. Stands were a little bit different. Never turn the bottom screw was what I learned and only unscrews the top.

After all the lights were set up, I got to run the electrical cords. The yellow cord had to be tapped every 6 inches apart and straight on the ground, so people don’t trip on it.

  And another long tape on top of the cord. Had to make sure the tape surround the cord tightly and making the cord visible.

A black fabric surrounded the bottom of the lights to hide the messy cords being plugged.

Guests arrive and I got to check off all the guests at the wedding who took pictures. Ask for their table numbers and last name.

ZAIDEN took all the photos. It reminded me of prom. Old couples took the props and were putting on fun sunglasses and leopard hats. They were laughing so hard. It was nice to see people having fun.

Melissa printed all the photos as we finish taking all the guests’ photos.

I put stickers provided by the bride and groom and stick them one by one on the back of the photos. Place them on top of 5×7 envelopes and lay them all out on tables.
All the photos from the wedding is then posted on where guests can download free 8 x 10

Overall, my first photo booth was really fun. I learned a lot. And I didn’t break anything.