Dress with Jeans

Cage heels. Great i

nvestment at Winners I wore them with everything and anything. I love chain necklaces. Been obsess with them recently. heavy necklaces are no deposit online casino great too the heavier the better. The long purple flower wrap dress is being worn as a cardigan. Very comfortable. Another way to dress up your jean.


Serenity of Grey

Wow Secrets By Peng Joon

ftheday5″ src=”http://ivylin.net/wp-content/uploads/2011/08/lookoftheday5.jpg” alt=”” width=”2957″ height=”2460″ />When I saw these lace shoes I knew I had to have it. Too bad they are uncomfortable and I never wore it, but they look so hot. The dark grey wool capris are hand me down from my mom. If you keep something long enough it comes back to style.