IKEA trip

Today I had to go buy a new laundry basket from IKEA and I end up taking pictures of all the cool new showrooms.

Then off to trendy bedings. In love with red polka dots and orange strips.

Photos and frames makes your wall feel less naked.

Such a long winter. Time for some greens. Who has the time for caring for plants? Fake plants are a good alternative.

Funky colours are the trend this spring.

Organizations are the key. Being able to find everything you need is always a good thing.



Sticky Notes as Things to do in a Week

I am pretty OCD when it comes to deadlines and meetings. I always have an agenda. A white board for all my assignment deadlines and a big monthly calendar. I just found out another method. I put sticky notes as things to do in a week. This works grea

t. It makes sure I know what my week looks like and things I need to do will be done.

Closet Clean Out

My closet was so messy I couldn’t even close the door. Decided now it is time for a closet clean out. I did some research first. Believe it or not, there is an order to clean up a closet. Google: how to clean closet. This video I found was pretty hel



I end up removing everything from my closet. put all the clothes on the bed and all the shoes on the floor. I threw out all my shoe boxes and clothes I haven’t wore in a while. Some clothes that were good quality I put it in another garbage bag for donation.

Before I put everything back into the closet. I took a sketch book. Drew out my closet and its build in organization unit. I plan out what I want to put where to make use of the closet space to its maximum potential.

Now here is the end product. Bags on top. Shoes on the bottom. Scarves on top left then hats, then heavy sweaters (don’t hang these it will make that ugly poof on the shoulders) and jeans.

Long dresses hung at the back then long skirt, pants, day dresses, short jackets, then day to day wear (eg blazer, nice tops)