Doll House

Toronto prides itself in its dramatic arts, theatre and film locations. The doll house series remind us how it feels like sometimes when living in the big city. There are many unfamiliar social constructed behaviors and rules that restrict one's freedom. In today's society, it is easy to get lost and be turned into a puppet, a follower

– manipulated by media and social structures.

A woman's physical appearance is highly valued in North America. Media are constantly photoshoping images of women and men, making them look more perfect each time. Someone once said, “we ever noticed the beauty, because we were too busy trying to create it.” Perfection is never enough. Even a doll have its imperfection.


Collaboration with 3rd Year Journalism Students

I am in my fourth year university studying media studies with an area of emphasis on photography. The 3rd year journalism students are writing an article for the school paper – Radix. I have the chance to publish a photograph that will go with the st

ory of new students from out of town find using the TTC overwhelming and confusing. They do not find the school helpful when it comes to getting around the city.

Here are the 3 images. Let me know which one you like best.

“Hello” T-Shirt Design

T-shirt type

Standard short-sleeve 100% Cotton T-Shirt (Crew/V-Neck)

Target audience

  • Men
  • Women

tansi clothing is a company that promotes hello in many different languages. In total we will have about 30 different shirts.  Each shirt will be a different color and have its own design.

I have attached an image with hello in 10 languages.  It’s your choice to either pick a few languages or you can utilize all ten to give me an idea of the over all design.  One language per shirt, please do not mix and match languages, just the word hello only on each shirt, please do not use other words.  It is not necessary to specify what language is on the shirt, just the TWO WORDS ON THE COLUMNS ON THE RIGHT.

Look to appeal to the mainstream crowd

Age 16-30
University crowd
Open Minded individuals to other cultures
Printed on good quality clothing, starting with tshirts, then moving into LS, Hoodies, Caps, etc.
City Folk
needs to grab someone’s attention and to wear other languages besides their own.

Fun, Youthful, Simple