New Food Trend: Popcorn Snacks

In movies or snacks for the kids. Recently this popular food in north america has under go some changes. I found myself trying different types of popcorn snacks and here are few of my favorites:

1. Sweet and Salty Popcorn: heavenly combination.

Orville ($4.89) or Smart Food (around $3) both carries sweet and salty popcorn. Prepoped and ready to eat out of the bag. Can be found from Walmart  or Shopper’s




2. Skinny Pops: for all the health conscience eaters. This popcorn is probably the healthiest one you can find on the market. No artificial anything and it taste just like normal popcorn if not better. This is the best popcorn when you are watching a movie and you just want to stuff your face. It can be bought from Costco at around $6



3. PopCorners : This is what I am snacking right now and it is by far the best one out of them all. This is a popcorn chip like snack. Or should I say popcorn flavoured chip. It is retailing at around $5 at Costco.