Anime North 2012

I manage to convince my sister and a friend to come with me this year to Anime North. My sister's highlight was seeing all the League of Legend characters come to life. She is on a killing spread as we speak.

Taking pictures of people at Anime North is super fun. Many travel a great distance to be in Toronto and I feel that the most I can do is take pictures for them to show off their dedications. Since they create art with their DIY costume building skills. I can create art with my camera.

All the photos were taken with a basic portrait lens (18-55mm), Camera body – Niko

n D7000 and shoot at around ISO 200 Speed 1/200 and f 11-16. Sunny 16 – a basic understanding when it's noon and bright outside do ISO 200 at 1/200 and f16 to get “perfect” exposure. Of course I find my Nikon sensor always a bit darker so I always open it up by a stop.

These are all edited by a mix of Photoshop and Light room.
I will blog more about my editing process when I have time later.

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