Wen hair products sucks

Awful awful product. Do not buy from them. I ordered the Wen hair products, then I called to cancel. You have to do this or they will keep charging you and sending you the kit. Even though I already cancle they kept sending me products. I had to pay

for shipping to send the products back and they kept charging my credit card even though casino reviews online I haven”t been receiving products from them. I had to change my credit card, call them 4 times to cancel, my bank had to cancel their charges, and then when they finally refund me money, they refund me too much money then they ask me for money back. This has been going on since June and I am still dealing with them.

Awful product does not work. Cause major hair loss. You are better off buying cocobutter shampoos and putting almond oil in your hair.

They do not refund shipping and handling.
Awful company. If you want to save money do not buy this. canada online casino

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