New Year New Diet

I was watching a TED talks and one of the lady had a disease where it took away her ability to walk. She did research on the disease itself and realize healthy food can help the brain to function properly. She called this the “hunter” diet.
I am going to follow this for a year and document my result. I just had my first meal and already I feel more awake and I have been suffering from IBS so this hopefully will improve the health of my bowls.



The diet consists of the following per day:

3 cups of greens: kale, leafs, parsley and any vegetables that are super green

3 cups of sulfur rich food: mushrooms,onions,purple cabbage and cauliflower

3 cups of colours:
Any fruits with bright colours, oranges, berries, cherry and carrots

Wild fish: salmon or any fish with omega3

Grass feed meat or animal organs such as livers, tongue

Once a week include seaweed

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